Continuous improvement and continuous education of our employees are some of the key opportunities at Sanimax for becoming the Very Best. Throughout the years, how many times have we experienced our drivers making a huge difference and contribution toward our customers and operations?

Our business and drivers skills are challenged more each and every year, with increased customer requirements and enhanced public driving safety and compliance. Therefore, it is vital to sustain our drivers’ engagement and education in this competitive and changing environment. This is why our drivers participate in a continuous training program and that all new drivers at Sanimax must follow an on-boarding and training plan in their district.

Did you know that each of these training and learning plans, including health & safety, eco fuel driving, daily vehicles inspections or how to perform services, are all carried out by Sanimax’s professional team of Lead Hands and Trainers? These are the drivers that were selected for their people skills, safety record and job performance by their district Management team, to provide training and audits. They are the first people trained within their district, and then they pass this training along to their peers. This is a crucial role in having safe and professional drivers perform their jobs safely, efficiently and still provide superior customer service within the agri-food industry.

Here are our Lead Hands and Trainers who are at work in each of our districts to support our drivers:

DeForest Green Bay
Scott Perry
Jon Lattimer
David Tuschen
Michael Collins
Glenn Curtis
Todd VanRossum
Donald Schofield
Hamilton Lévis
Jim Blaney
Wes Stephenson
Jeremy Coward
Francis Labrecque
Jacques Dubreuil
Montreal Sainte-Rosalie
Martin Guimond
Francois Pétrin
Patrick Leconte
Guillaume Laplante
St-Albert South St. Paul
Mathieu Link Arsenault
Stephan Campagna
Andy Kozicki
Earl Starck
Adam McClellan

In December, four new Lead Hands and Trainers have joined our existing team: Maxime Alexandre Turmel (Lévis), Alain Gravel (Montréal), and Mathieu Houle and Éric Mercier (Sainte-Rosalie).

The year 2018 will be a time for Sanimax to move forward, when the project TOPS (Transportation Optimization, Processes and Systems) begins to take shape within our districts. With the training team’s involvement and engagement, we are sure that they will be ready and will contribute to the success, support and coaching of each and every driver throughout the year like we have in the past.

We welcome 2018 and all it brings with open arms, moving us closer toward becoming the Very Best!

Jocelyn Durette

Jody Campbell