Our leadership and desire to seek better ways can also contribute to enhance our reputation

Over the last couple of months, two events highlighted our reputation. First, the work that was accomplished as part of the 1st “R” project managed by Martial and his team extended well beyond Sanimax’s borders and was recognized by the Freight Management Association (FMA), which honors an individual in the Supply Chain who has shown innovative leadership. Martial Hamel won the Supply Chain Executive of the Year Award, which is a tremendous honor for Sanimax. I invite you to read about his nomination on page 5.

Shortly before going to press, it was the turn of our Lévis plant to be publicly recognized by winning the Innovation and Environmental Protection Award, a prestigious award of the green economy sector in which we operate. You will read a segment dedicated to this award in the Newsflash section on page 2.

Each time we get the chance, let’s take the opportunity to showcase Sanimax and be its proud ambassadors. Our role and contribution deserve to be known to all.