Adding value to be, and remain, the Very Best

Four years ago, we were defining our vision: Sanimax will be recognized by its customers as the very best environmental solution provider in the agri-food industry. A simple statement, yet full of challenges. As part of our communication meetings, I like to share with our employees from all departments to ensure that our vision is well known, but most importantly that it is well understood. These meetings are also an opportunity for me to explain or clarify our vision, or provide details as required.

Today, I am pleased to see that our vision is better known and understood, that it is now much more than a simple statement on a poster and that it has become a common goal that guides our actions.

What makes me even happier is that this vision is starting to pay off more and more with our customers. First, a survey conducted last year confirmed that we were on the right track. But even better, we start getting actual testimonies from our customers. Here are two of those testimonies that were passed on to me personally not too long ago and confirm the fulfillment of our vision. The first testimony was given to me by Jack Doyle (pictured in the next column), owner of 32 Burger King Restaurants in Wisconsin, during the last CEO Tour in October. More recently, a second testimony was provided to me by Alain Ménard, Senior Vice-President, Retail Operations, at Sobeys Québec, a major Canadian grocery chain. Both told me that to them, we were the Very Best, because of our solutions, our service and the equipment we provide them with. For Jack and Alain, we achieved our vision. We also achieved it for many other customers as our last year’s survey confirmed. These customers already recognize us as the Very Best. We can congratulate ourselves for the work that has been accomplished. We are truly on the right path. But the work is not yet complete.

To remain the Very Best – for Jack, Alain and all the others customers who recognize us as the Very Best – we must continue the work by adding value to the services we offer and the products we renew. This is why we invest so much effort and energy into our ongoing projects. There are many, some small, some major, and all of them are important. However, we must keep focusing on these projects that share the common objective of adding value for our customers. This is how we will remain the Very Best for Jack, Alain and all our customers, both old and new.

I thank each and every Sanimax employee for the support they provide day after day to achieve our vision in an industry we can be proud to belong to!