South St. Paul – Progress through Adversity

Ben Bertam
Plant Manager
South St. Paul

Adversity, which is defined as a state of hardship or misfortune, requires determination and courage to overcome it. On the other hand, progress is defined as a forward or onward movement toward a destination. What is our destination? Simply put, it is to make the South St. Paul District Great Again. Regardless of anyone’s political affiliation, we are running with this slogan because it is simple and it applies directly to our situation.

For us to achieve this goal, the key is to invest and train our employees. To this extent, we have created customized training plans for all of our Production employees as well as new hires. In addition, we have begun documenting several key processes to assist with the training and ensure consistency.

This is how we pursue our ongoing journey towards our destination of making the South St. Paul District Great Again!