Martin Boissonneault Director, Operational Support

Verchères plant: 6 years with no lost time accident

On November 13, the Verchères team celebrated their 6-year milestone without any lost time accident. With each employee working an average of 2,000 hours each year over 6 years, for a total of 19 employees, we are talking of some 228,000 hours worked without any accident, while keeping in mind their own safety and that of their colleagues. This is an impressive statistic!

Calgary Plant: 7 years with no lost time accident

As for the members of the Calgary team, they also had a good reason to celebrate since they reached the 7-year mark in August 2017 without any lost time accident. When translated in number of hours worked by their 16 employees, the result is equally impressive: we are talking of at least 224,000 hours of safe execution!

Good health and safety practices

This shows the extent to which safety has become a reflex, a second nature for our plant employees in Verchères and Calgary. Consciously or not, they assess and eliminate the risks involved with their tasks, they check their equipment and worksites prior to carrying on their work, always with the objective of working safely. In addition, they never hesitate to report any unsafe situation.

This also shows how much the equipment and work procedures have been secured, thanks to the expertise of our Health and Safety specialists and our management team.

This great collective accomplishment deserves to be acknowledged. However, let’s not forget that the ultimate objective is not so much to establish a record, but to make sure that at the end of the day, all employees can return home among friends and loved ones, healthy and proud of what they have accomplished.

Congratulations and thank you to all our employees in Verchères and Calgary, and to André Chenail, Robert Lapointe, Marie-Claude Giguère, Kevin McCabe, Jovan Jankovic and Mike Meszaros!